Belarus / Białoruś

Minsk - Svabody (Freedom) Square - postcard from Alena - September 2012 (postcrossing.com)

Minsk, Old City. Postcard from Svetlana (postcrossing.com). April 2013

Minsk. Postcard sent in July 1999

Minsk - National Library of Belarus. Postcard from Sergey - postcrossing.com

National Libray of Belarus, Minsk. Postcard from Simon. Thank you very much. October 2015

Minsk - Independence Square - House of Government (1934). Postcard from Kristina (postcrossing.com)

Minsk. Independent Square. Postcard from Lena (postcrossing.com). Bялікі дзякуй! February 2014

Mogilev - Memorial-Arch

Mogilev - Nicolaev Church (XVII - XVIIIc.)

Mogilev. Borisoglebski Church - postcard sent in August 1999

Novahrudak / Nowogródek- reconstruction of Adam Mickiewicz's born house. Postcard sent in July 1999.

Vitebsk - Town Hall. Postcard sent in August 1999

Vitebsk - City Hall. Postcard from Kate (postcrossing.com). Вялікі дзякуй! August 2013

Brest / Brześć - fortress. Postcard issued in Soviet time - look for right stamp. Postcard sent in August 1999.

Postcard sent in city Orsha - August 1999

Postcard sent in city Homel - August 1999

Grodno - Franciscan Church

Grodno - Church Brygidki

Grodno - Cathedral

Grodno - Lamus

Grodna / Grodno. City theater. Postcard from Jay (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much. February 2016

Braslav Lakes. Postcard from Katia - April 2012 (postcrossing.com)

European bison - Bialowieza Forest. Postcard from Pavel. April 2012 (postcrossing.com)

Postcard sent in March 2012 - postcrossing.com

Postcard from Anastasiya - May 2012 (postcrossing.com)
Niasvizh (Nieśwież) - church of Corpus Christi. 1593. Postcard from Mary (postcrossing.com). Sent from Brest. December 2012

Niasvizh (Polish: Nieśwież) - Castle of Radziwiłł Family - 1583. Postcard from Natalia (postcrossing.com). January 2013

Homel (Го́мель), Belarus. Victory Square. Postcard from Marina (postcrossing.com). June 2013

Zaslawye (Засла́ўе, Zasław). Church. Postcard from Irina (postcrossing.com). Вялікі дзякуй! October 2013

The first Belarusian printer - Francis Skaryna (Францішак Скарына). Beautiful postcard from Wład (postcrossing.com). Dziękuję bardzo -  вялікі дзякуй. December 2014

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