Tunisia / Tunezja

Tunisia. Postcard from Kamil. October 2004

Tunisian door. Postcard from Michał. October 2008

Jerba Island - Houmt Souk - Le Borj El Kabir. Postcard from my parents. March 1999

Jerba Island - Houmt Souk. Postcard from my parents. March 1999

Old City of Sousse. Postcard from Agnieszka. 2002

Jerba. Postcard from Yga. February 2006
Jerba Island - laundry. Postcard from Milan. Sent from Prague. November 2003

Jerba Island - Houmt Souk

Doors of Tunisia - beautiful postcard from Mohamed (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! شكرا جزيلا لك! October 2013

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