Canada / Kanada

Montreal. Postcard from Karine. July 2012

Totem Poles - Stanley Park - Vancouver, Canada. Postcard from Grześ and Krzyś. Dziękujemy bardzo!

Victoria - the capital of British Columbia. Postcad from Jessica (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! February 2016

Montreal, Quebec. Beautiful postcard from George (postcrossing.com). Merci beaucoup! February 2014

Windsor - city near US border. Postcard from Maria.

Calgary, Alberta - postcard from Darlene.

Niagara Falls. My first postcard from Canada - from Michał. September 2000

Saugeen Shores & Chantry Island, Ontario. Postcard from A&M. Thank you very much! February 2016

Old Hazelton, British Columbia. Postcard from Glenna (postcrossing.com). July 2012

British Columbia. Postcard from Eeva - May 2011

Frank Slide, Alberta. Postcard from Liz

Gros Morne, Newfoundland - sent from Norris Point. March 2011

Postcard issued by University of Saskatchewan. From Liz. October 2011

Postcard from Rob.

Postcard from Monica
Postcard from Haleb. July 2012

Fisherman from Prince Edward Island shows off their catch - a sculpin. Beautiful postcard from Emma (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! February 2015

Postcard from Erika. July 2012 (postcrossing.com)

The Flag of Canada. Postcard sent from (Canadian) London. Postcard from Kinga - April 2011
Halifax - the capital of Nova Scotia Province of Canada. Postcard from Stacey, sent from Australia. December 2012

Map of Canada. Beautiful postcard from Maria. Thank you very much! April 2013 

Morning at Dorchester Square - Montreal. Beautiful postcard from Kali (postcrossing.com). May 2013

Alberta Cree Indian. Postcard from Marina (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! June 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia. Beautiful postcrad from Isabelle. Thank you very much! January 2014

Aerial view of Vancouver (British Columbia). Postcard from Katri (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! February 2018

Map of Canada :). Postcard from Rob. Thank you very much! June 2015

Canadian Rockies. Jasper National Park, Alberta. Postcard frm Rob. Thank you very much! September 2015

City line of Toronto. Postcard from Tracey (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! February 2016

Canadian Rockies - Sumwapta Falls. Beautiful postcard from Glenn. Thank yoy very much! February 2017.

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve - Newfoundland and Labrador. And special postmark from town Cupids :) Postcard from Maria - thank you very much. March 2017

Mt Athabasca. Postcard from Deux - merci beaucoup! May 2018

Banff National Park. Postcard from Deux - merci beaucoup! May 2018

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