Russia / Rosja

Moscow. Peter I Monument. Postcard from Alisa (postcrossing.com). August 2012

Moscow. The St.Basil's Cathedral. Postcard from Vladimir (October 2012)

Moscow. Kremlin.

Moscow. State Historical Museum and Red Square.

Moscow. Iver Chapel at the Resurrection Gates.

Moscow.  Novodechiy Convent.

Moscow. Kremlin - Cathedral Square.

Moscow. State University.

Moscow, Russia. Kremlin. Postcard from Agata and Rafał. Dziękuję bardzo! June 2013

Moscow's metro stations - beautiful postcard from Agata and Rafał. Dziękuję bardzo! June 2013

Moscow - the Capital of Russia. Beautiful postcard and stamps from Natalia (postcrossing.com). Большое спасибо! October 2013

The Yamal Penisula, Komi-Zyrian people. Postcard from Anna (postcrossing.com). May 2012

Petersburg. Cathedral of The Resurrection. Postcard from postcrossing.com. May 2012

Petersburg. St.Peter and Paul Fortress. Postcard from Adele (postcrossing.com). October 2012

Petersburg. The Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace. Postcard from Ekaterina (postcrossing.com). September 2012

Petersburg. Church of the Resurrection. Postcard from Julia (postcrossing.com). October 2012

Petersburg. Nevsky Prospect. Postcard from Victoria (postcrossing.com). October 2012

Petersburg. Postcard from Tatiana. August 1999.

Petersburg. Mikhaylovsky Palace. Postcard from postcrossing.com. September 2012

Petersburg. Postcard from Ksenia (postcrossing.com). January 2011

Vladimir. The Assumption Cathedral. Postcard from postcrossing.com. April 2012

Pskov. Postcard from Anna. December 2011

Perm. Siberian Street. Postcard from postcrossing.com. November 2012

Postcard from Inna (postcrossing.com). September 2012

Postcard from Svetlana (postcrossing.com). September 2012

Moscow's Kremlin. Postcard from Katerina (postcrossing.com). November 2012

Russian textile ornament. Postcard from Olga. November 2012

Tomsk - the White Lake. Postcard from Katerina (postcrossing.com) - cпасибо большое! January 2013

Russia. Moscow - Orekhovo-Borissovo. Holy Trinity Cathedral. Postcard from Sophia (postcrossing.com). February 2013

Tomsk, Siberia. Museum of Wooden Architecture of Tomsk. 1910. Postcard from Irina. Bольшое спасибо! February 2013

Moscow, Cathedral of the Dormition (Успенский Собор). Postcard from postcrossing.com. April 2013

ST.Petersburg - statue of Peter I the Carpanter. Beautiful postcard from Valeriya (postcrossing.com) - большое спасибо! April 2013

Gatchina - Leningrad Oblast. City near St. Petersburg. Postcard from Anton (postcrossing.com). Большое спасибо! May 2013.

St.Petersburg - Anichkov Bridge. Postcard from Nata (postcrossing.com). Большое спасибо! July 2013

Moscow. Kremlin. Postcrad from Svetlana (postcrossing.com). Sent in envelope. July 2013
Baikal Lake - Siberia. Postcard from Evgenia (postcrossing.com). Большое спасибо! August 2013

Veliki Novgorod. The Nikolo-Vyazhische monastery. Beautiful postcard from Olga (postcrossing.com). Большое спасибо! October 2013

Tomsk. Postcard from Liza (postcrossing.com). Большое спасибо! November 2014

Kamchatka - Uzon Volcano. Beautiful postcard forom Svetlana. Большое спасибо! April 2015

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