Turkey / Turcja

Ankara - the Capital of Turkey. Postcard from Gizem. January 2011

Istanbul. Sultanahmet. The Blue Mosque. Postcard from Gosia. September 1997

Istanbul. Sultanahmet. The Blue Mosque. Postcard sent in August 2010

Istanbul. Fountain of Wilhelm II (1898). The serpent Column and the Egyptian Obelisk on the ancient Hippodrome. Postcard from Lena. March 2011

Old Istanbul. Eminonu. Postcard from Gizem. December 2010

Istanbul - Sultanahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Postcard from Magda. Dziękuję bardzo! May 2013

Istanbul - Grand Bazar. Beautiful postcard from Simona, sent from Romania. Mulțumesc mult! May 2014


Istanbul. Postcard from Mirek and Wojtek. Dziękuję bardzo! February 2022.


Izmir. Postcard from Zulal. September 2012

Izmir. Rising Day Square. Postcard from Serdar. February 2012

Izmir. Republic Square and Atatürk Monument. Postcard from Filiz. November 2012

Cappadocia. Postcard from Agata. September 2000

Cappadocia. Postcard from Joanna. August1996

Polonezkoyu / Adampol. Polish town in Turkey. Postcard from Agata. August 2000

Postcard from Adem. January 2011

Ikizdere - east-north part of Turkey (Black Sea). Postcard from Zulal. December 2012

Turkey - Trabzon province. Sumela Monastery (XII century). Postcard from Furkan. December 2012

Pamukkale / Denizli - one of most fantastic places in Turkey with hot springs and terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. Postcard from Filiz - çok teşekkür ederim! January 2013

Turkish carpets. Postcard sent in August 2012

Turkish tiles.

Postcard from Agata and Rafał. September 2010

Pergamon - Acropolis. Postcard from Aysin. Teşekkür ederiz! February 2013

Sea of Marmara - Marmara Denizi. Beautiful postcard and stamps from Filiz -
çok teşekkür ederim. March 2013

Bitez - town in Muğla Province in Turkey. Postcard from Kasia and Anita. Dziękuję bardzo! September 2014

Kuşadası - postcard from Meva (postcrossing,com). Teşekkür ederim! May 2014

Antalya - postcard from Kasia. Dziękuję bardzo! September 2014

Antalya. Postcard from Mateusz - dziękujemy bardzo! July 2018

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