Brazil / Brazylia

Brasilia - the Capital of Brazil. Palacio do Planalto - one of government building. Beautiful postcard and amazing stamps from Ondine!  Muito obrigado! May 2013

My first postcard from Brazil - sent to me during my living in London. Postcard from Kelly. November 2004

Postcard from Erik (postcrossing.com). June 2012

Rio de Janeiro. Postcard from Carol. March 2011

Maringa / Parana. Postcard from Denise and Massao. August 2011

Porto Alegre. Postcard from Clara. January 2011

Curitiba - University. Postcard from Wander. March 2011

Fortaleza - Praia de Iracema. Postcard de Joao Miguel. May 2011

I have only 6 cards from Brazil stamped and sent from this country. If you can - send me another - with lots of pretty stamps!

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