Netherlands / Niderlandy


Amsterdam - Church of St.Nicolas

Amsterdam - Zandhoek

Amsterdam - postcard sent in August 2003

Amsterdam. Postcard from Wilma (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! February 2016

Amsterdam - Oudezijds Voorburgwal

Amsterdam - postcard sent in September 2012

Amsterdam - Canal Houses. Postcard from Tomek. April 2011

Amsterdam - St.Nicolas Church. Postcard from Igor

Amsterdam - Damrak. Postcard from Krzyś. August 2003

Amsterdam. Postcard from Tina (postcrossing.com). July 2012

Amsterdam - red light district and stamps of "Europa 2013 - Postman Van". Postcard from Mike. Heel erg bedankt! July 2013

Amsterdam. Postcard sent in May 2015.

Keizersgracht canal in Amsterdam. Beautiful postcard from Simona, sent from Romania. Thank you very much! November 2014
Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Postcard sent in March 2017

New Dutch Royal Family. On postcard  and stamp! From Mike. Heel erg bedankt! July 2013

The Dutch Royal Family - fantastic postcard from Mike! Dank u zeer! August 2013

Rotterdam. Postcard from Paweł. May 2012

Rotterdam. Postcard from Jan (postcrossing.com). April 2012

Rotterdam - Main Office of UEA (Universal Esperanto Association). Postcard from Paweł. August 2011
Rotterdam, Erasmus Bridge. Beautiful postcard from Paweł. Dziękuję bardzo! September 2013

Kasteel de Illaar. Postcard from Wency. April 2012

Nijmegen. Postcard from Afra (postcrossing.com). June 2012

Nijmegen. Waalbrug - the bridge over river Waal. Beautiful postcard from Micke (postcrossing.com).
Dank u zeer! December 2013

Maastricht. Postcard from Ioanna. November 2011

Veluwe Forest in Gelderland province. Postcard from Nancy (postcrossing.com). December 2012

Nature area of Twente, the Overijssel region. Postcard from Annet (postcrossing.com). Heel hartelijk bedankt! February 2014

Postcard from Sannon (postcrossing.com). April 2012

Postcard from Annemarie. March 2011

Postcard from Oksana and Nathan. February 2011

Postcard from Dutch Embassy in Warsaw. December 2011

Ommen - small town in east Netherlands (near Zwolle) - with Postcrossing's stamp. Postcard from Fritz (Postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! January 2013

Postcard from city Vlissingen (south-west Netherlands). From Jannie (postcrossing.com). Sent in envelope. February 2013

Windmills and tulips - the Netherlands. Postcard from Lisa (postcrossing.com). March 2013

The Texel Island. Beautiful postcard and stamps from Ans (postcrossing.com). April 2013

Ijmuiden - 20 km near Amsterdam. Postcard from Kitty (postcrossing.com). Thank you! April 2013

Beautiful Holannd and Willem-Alexander Coronation stamp! Postcard from Sabrina (postcrossing.com). Dank u zeer! May 2013

Harbour of Marken (North Holland). Beautiful postcard from Maick. Dank u zeer! May 2013

Eindhoven - beautiful postcard from Marion (postcrossing.com). Heel hartelijk bedankt! May 2013

Delfzijl, Netherlands. Postcard from Rietie (postcrossing.com). Heel hartelijk bedankt! June 2013.

Bridge of Zeeland. Beautiful postcard from Janneke (postcrossing.com). Heel erg bedankt! August 2013

Joure, Friesland. Postcard from Claudia (postcrossing.com). Dank u zeer! December 2013

Dutch windmill. Postcrad from Mirjam (postcrossing.com). Heel erg bedankt! January 2015

Sliedrecht - town and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. January 2015

Culemborg - Central Netherlands. Postcard from Jarne (postcrossing.com). Heel erg bedankt! March 2015

Leeuwarden - Friesland. Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. Postcard from Josephine (postcrossing.com). Thank you very much! February 2016

Leiden - postcard from Rafał. Dziękuję bardzo! June 2018

Leiden - postcard from Rafał. Dziękuję bardzo! June 2018

Leiden - postcard from Rafał. Dziękuję bardzo! June 2018

Map of Netherlands. Postcard sent in June 2018

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