Singapore / Singapur

Skyline of Singapore. Postcard from Choon (postcrossing.com). October 2012

Singapore - new Parliament House. Postcard from ? :) Thank yoy very much! June 2019

Singapore, Merilion. Postcard from Nekomura. March 2011

Singapore. Postcard from Fang. February 2011

Singapore by night. Postcard from Tomek - sent from Malaysia. Dziękujemy bardzo! August 2016

Singapore. Marina Bay. Postcard from Ashley. August 2011

Birds of Singapore. Beautiful postcard from Sylwia and Paulina. Dziękuję bardzo! January 2015

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  1. it is like this, you can get Singapore cards from Malaysia with Malaysian stamps because postage in Singapore is costly!Do you want something like that?Many people like this two country mix.